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DENS is a new correction technology of age and pathological processes in skin

Vlasov A. Dynamic elektroneurostimulation is a new correction technology of age and pathological processes in skin / A.Vlasov, M.Umnikova, V.Bazarny // Internationaler medizinischer congress Euromedica: absrsacts. Hannover, 2010. Р. 95–96.


A. Vlasov, M. Umnikova, V. Bazarny
Ural state medical academy, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Background. Morpho-functional disorders of skin structure underlie the pathogenesis of age changes of skin. Alongside with invasive techniques of age changes correction the new superficial methods which are slowing down the skin ageing processes are actively developed. DiaDENS-Cosmo is a new device for noninvasive influence on the face skin for improvement of skin quality based on dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS).

The aim of this study was to estimate the opportunities of DENS carried out by DiaDENS-Cosmo device in correction of skin age changes.

Patients and methods. This research was spent at two stages. At the first stage the trial was lead on 20 Vistar breed rats. Animals within 7 days were influenced by ultra-violet irradiation daily for 15 minutes on abdomen skin. So the artificial photo-aging process has been simulated. Since the second day one group of 10 animals was treated by DiaDENS-Cosmo device at «trophy» mode with 100 Hz frequency and low power level during 15 minutes. The second group of animals (control) was influenced by disconnected device.

In a day after last procedure the animals were deduced from experiment. Skin samples from damaged area were fixed in 10 % neutral formalin, microtomed and stained with hematoxylineosin and fuchsine.

At the second stage 315 female volunteers aged from 20 till 60 years received influence by the DiaDENS-Cosmo device with moistening mask during 10 days. Efficiency of influence was estimated by patient herself and by the doctor independently and by means of «Multi Skin Center MC 900» device.

Results and discussion. Morphologically thickening of the epidermis was noted in the skin mainly due to increase in the horny layer. In some areas there were parakeratosis and focal flattening of the epidermis (the loss of folding and parts of the «rectification»). The slight increasing in epithelial thickness also occurred due to proliferation of keratinocytes. In some keratinocytes the destructive changes in the form of cytoplasm vacuolization were revealed (in the basal parts of up to 12% of
keratinocytes had destructive changes). In the group of animals treated with DiaDENS-Cosmo the changes associated with the process of photo-aging were expressed significantly less.

In addition under the ultra-violet action the elastosis phenomenon was developed consisting in the fragmentation of some elastin fibers. These phenomena were also significandy less pronounced in the main group.

Visual skin assessment test made both by the patient (fig.l) and by the doctor (fig.2) showed the improvement of the most of skin characteristics. The increasing of common item of skin quality assessed by patient was 1.62 points and by physician -1.16 points.

Conclusion. DiaDENS-Cosmo device improves the skin quality by reduction of keratinocytes damage and elastosis phenomena.
DENS is non-invasive and well tolerated procedure.

Fig. 1. Test of visual skin assessment made by patient herself

Fig. 2. Test of visual skin assessment made by physician