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Chernish I. «Referens» point method of electro punctual diagnostics

/ Chernish I., Gurov A., Cheremkhin K., Vasilenko A. // International Congress in Medical Acupuncture. Thessaloniki. 2009. p. 104.


I. Chernish, F. Gurov A., K. Cheremkhin, A. Vasilenko
DENAS MS Corporation, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Introduction: In the majority of known methods of electro punctual diagnostics (EPD) the i value of testing voltage for all survey subjects is used. Such approach does not allow con ering specific features of electrocutaneous conductivity of each patient during carrying out ol j survey what results in accuracy reduction of obtained diagnostic data. The solution becan new methodological approach called BIOREPER. which consists of initial assessment individual testing voltage at «reference» point with the subsequent currents measurement m | biologically active points.

Aim: Substantiation of the principle and definition of auricular (EPD) BIOREPER parameter™

Methods: to prove criteria in choosing of «reference» points; to prove basic electrical parail eters of method’s measurements; to define indexes of pathology manifestation rate; to carry out evaluation of reliability ; to carry out an evaluation of diagnostic informational content of BIOREPER comparing with the other methods.

Results: Using of «In-tan» point, situated out of meridian is proved as a representative of «refei ence» point.

It was specified, that BIOREPER method expands the possibilities of auricular EPD. I «normative indexes», as well as a functional directivity of process (hypo-or hyperfunction’ defined the meanings of the current which corresponding to tow-grade, mild, and high-gi disorders of a functional status of organs and systems of a body.

Conclusions: The method of auricular EPD -BIOREPER has shown high reliability degree establishing of topical diagnosis, at evaluation of pathology manifestation rate, character in ! stage of disease. The overall accuracy of the «BIOREPER» makes 90,9 %, and sensitivity.